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10 kitchen rails and hooks that will make you days

Hooks and rails are good way to save space, and good tool for those who like to have everything in their sight. And if you’ve finally decided to have it so follow our tips to know how to decorate walls with railings and make the kitchen more comfortable.

Classic way is when rails are over the kitchen island

If the kitchen is compact or small and there is no island, you can try to use the space over the table/vanity. Some homeowners set the pans, ladles and other utilities under the lights or below the ceiling. Of course, this tip is available only for houses with high ceilings.

Instead of curtains at the window

Rails or hooks which are placed instead of the usual curtains are also good and extraordinary way to place the utilities. If you hang the pans in two rows, you can live without additional cabinets. It works in the case of a small space, which is forced to perform the role of a full kitchen.

Long rails placed along a wall

It seems to be a radical method, but can become a good decorative technique. Don’t forget about the distance between the objects on the rails and their sizes.

Hooks under the shelves and cabinets

The most used case when the hooks are placed under the hanging shelves and cabinets. We can recommend this way for:

- rented apartments, if there is no desire to invest in costly redesign, but you still want to have the convenience as permanent home has;

- equipped kitchen cabinets with space for useful decorations. By the way, we used this idea in Wine Maple Kitchen. Interested? Order now and get wholesale price.

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