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11 expert tips for kitchen remodeling

There are always a lot of details, accessories and kitchen utensils in the kitchen, which are sometimes difficult to organize. And let’s talk how to make it easy and simplify life with the help of simple methods.

The railing system – for details. Functionality of your kitchen can be expanded easily by means of railing. Producers issue a set of modules, hooks, special jars for spices and many other things for this system. You want something more original try to a branch on a wall instead of metal levels.

Angular cabinet - special shelf. If you have a corner kitchen, then you've probably already realized that the space in the corner is difficult to use. A special pull-out desk and corner boxes of special design will help to solve this problem.

No ways without separators. Boxes are more convenient when there is an ideal order and all pieces of kitchen utensils are systematized. Use dividers and special inserts to make this order real.

Hidden potential of bottlenecks. Even the tiniest space between walls or cases can be used intelligently – just establish a narrow rack with dividers and shelves.

Shelves are not necessarily wide. Narrow shelves are ideal for storing bottles of spices and oils. Use similar containers with stickers for items on the shelves and you will not see visual noise and confusion anymore. One of the best options - glass jars and bottles of the same size.

Storage can be decorative. Dishes can be stored not only in the closed cases, but it is possible to use narrow open regiments for this purpose. In addition to a practical side, it also is beautiful.

Internal elements are necessary. Hanging baskets, drying glasses and other functional details will help you to add extra space in the lockers.

Facades are for extra storage. Hooks and brackets on the doors of cabinets, containers and mini-bars - remember that every centimeter of space can be used efficiently. Not only to increase storage areas, but also to have convenient access to the right things.

Magnets – for storage of spices. Thanks to the fact that jars with spices weigh a little, it is possible to use magnetic surfaces for their storage. For example, they can be hung up on a wall of the refrigerator or a special board in a case.

The punched panels instead of an apron. Replace a regular tiled kitchen apron with the punched panels to use a surface most effectively. It is good idea to hang up any trifle on them by means of hooks and fixtures.

The place of baskets is on the shelves. Do you want to make a shelf in the kitchen set more spacious? Pick up the baskets and boxes according to the size of niches - they will fold a lot more things.

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