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20 simple ideas for handmade kitchen decoration

How to make difference in your home? Sometimes one piece of paper or a photo frame can change everything. So stop what you’re doing and look at our tips.

Paint the wall. 

You can draw on the walls or use any creative painting tools. Start your creaive project right now!

Put the plants or extraordinary pictures on the wall. 

Just look at this green home plants inside the frames. It seems that owner of this kitchen is very creative person.

More color! 

The idea with painted spoons is really great. You can also make experiments with curtains and tablecloths. The goal is to make your dreamkitchen come true. Try your perfect colour or put the family pictures on the spoons.This decision is very creative and unique, isn't it?

Family pictures and mirrors are looking very individually. 

You can put them on the wall or on the kitchen island. It is not necessary to use only square and round frames, you can make a perfect composition.

Colored tableware and kitchen signs can bring more brightness and fun. 

You can use sign "eat" or "family", or may be something more creative like "My kitchen was clean last week. Sorry you missed it"

The best decoration is healthy food. 

Use transparent bottles for great inspiration during your cooking process.

Paint the plates. 

If you feel yourself as an artist you can practice a lot with plates. Put them on the wall and enjoy.

Kitchen wooden boards on the wall are also awesome. 

It seems for us that this kitchen is inspired and seasoned with love. It reminds the lovely grandmother's house.

One simple piece of paper can change your kitchen if you know what is quilling. Try it!

Black or white?

And black. And white. If you don't like to mix more than two colors you can try black'n'white style.

We hope our tips are useful for you. Save these decoration ideas, try and enjoy your days! 

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