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35 kitchen message centers for well organized families

The phrase “organized family” can seem like a description of army people but believe us it also describes millions of ordinary people who know how to make their life easier and better. We made such decision after searching the results of kitchen message centers which are located in houses of people with not ordinary way of life. Why not ordinary? Because such people know the secret how to organize the time and share it. Here below you will find some tips and decoration styles of kitchen message centers.

Wicker baskets.

Good for those who prefer natural style in decoration. Looks very fresh and bright.

Smart boxes.

Millions of ways where to place it and how to use. You don’t need to make the box by hands – just buy it and place where you need.


One styled cabinet in one design but with special purpose of use. Vanity is good because of two reasons. On the one hand it is perfect spacious storage place, on the other hand – it will hide some things like books and notes.

Near the refrigerator.

You will never forget about the things you wrote on the paper if it is located not far from the fridge.

 What is your name?

If your family consists of 3 or more people you will need personal named smart boxes to receive family mails and store important things.

A lot of things.

Message centers are good not only for notes storage but also for keeping keys, money, glasses, pencils and other small things you often need.

Part of a wall.

No place for storage? Place it on a wall – you will wind this way very useful when you will need something asap.

Calendar and time.

Now you will never forget about the day when you have an appointment. Message center with calendar and days of a week is the most used way of home notifications.

Draw on it. 

Fast mailing through the special board will make your life easier and fun. Write “HI” on the board to your son or husband before you leave.

Creative house.

If you can say that you are creative person and you are in love with bright accessories – this way is for you. Try to make it in your style and explore the art of mail centers.

Buy it.

Some furniture and decoration stores offer special message centers for those who doesn’t like handmade and prefer minimal art. 

Hidden inside the cabinet.

Good but with one cons – all notes are really hidden and if you sometimes forget important things you will not be mentioned.




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