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6 adorable ways to update your kitchen

Kitchen renovation is nice and interesting challenge. Whether you are renter or you have just installed new cabinets but still not satisfied you need new vision. Try these ones:

New cookware

Red, blue, white, purple… Any colors of the pots and pans are available now at every shopping mall. If your kitchen cabinet is white you can try all combinations from white to dark shades.

Modern backsplash

How to protect the kitchen wall from the damages? Sure modern and elegant backsplash is best decision. If you want something special try to combine textures and shades. We made reasoning what kind of backsplash is better for different styles in one of our blogs. Explore it right now: Kitchen backsplash. Traditional or creative?

Rug. Is it still actual?

Some of homeowners would say “No” but if you want to add warm and piece of your personality don’t miss such opportunity to place a rug. Provide comfort and style.

Storage center

How to organize a place and make it comfortable? Different storage pieces of furniture are good part of your renovation project. Open shelves, containers, vanity, additional room – just imagine how huge the world of kitchen ideas. But don’t make a mess. Organization of the kitchen is your personal organization.

Switch on the light, please.

There are tons of ways to organize it and transform the look of the kitchen. Easier way is to install functional pendants than built-in system but at the same time you should consider about a style and perfect match.

Make a coffee corner

We put this tip at the end to check if there are coffee lovers. If you cannot live without everyday coffee try to organize special corner with caffeine fix and decorate it in your personal way.







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