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6 kitchen tips from chef for home cooking

Have you ever looked into the kitchen of a popular restaurant? To prepare one hundred dishes a day, the chef will accelerate some processes and will ensure safety. So what secrets are hidden in professional kitchens and how they can be used in your own home?

The line

Planning of commercial kitchens provides no obstacles in the path of dishes from one chef to another. It is also important for home kitchens, especially if several family members take part in cooking.

Tip: there is a long countertop in many restaurants, which is called "line". If the size of your kitchen does not allow you to have island, a long countertop will be very useful for family cooking.

Fast and easy access

All shelves in professional kitchens are (as a rule) open and it is possible to find and take the necessary ingredients or utilities quickly. To speed up the process of cooking, hang up kitchen utensils so it will be easy to get them.

Stoves on stands

Have you ever pushed away a stove? Were you terrified because of amount of dirt which was accumulated under it? In many restaurants stoves are on the special stands, so you can sweep and clean the floor properly.

Cleaning by one movement

There are often special holes with bins in the restaurant tabletops. So the garbage can be thrown into the hole in one easy motion, and the chefs do not have to open the door of a locker to do it.

Many boards

Wooden cutting boards have proven many times their value because of hygiene and their durability. To avoid mixing flavors and fragrances, buy separate boards for each type of products, one for cutting of meat, another one - for onions and garlic, and third one - for desserts, for example, to break up a bar of chocolate or chop the strawberries. But mark the boards to avoid confusion.
Tip: To avoid infection do not cut raw meat and cooked food on the same board. Carefully scrape and wash the boards with hot soapy water.

Silicone potholders

Removal the hot frying pan from stove with thin cloth potholders is unsafe and will cause burns. Most of them don't fit for such tasks. Professional chefs always choose silicone mittens.
Tip: Never take hot dishes with a damp cloth - heat will pass through wet fabric instantly.

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