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9 secrets how to make dinner easier and faster

Once you have decided to cook everyday, you will have a lot of  nice ideas and recipes. Of course, in case if you like cooking. But what will you do if you have not enough time for this?

Recipe is not a rulebook. You can use your ingredients and way of cooking. If you don’t like mushrooms – don’t use mushrooms. Better way to explore your dinner formula is to try it and try again. Make your template and enjoy cooking.

Create a meal plan. Once you have created a plan for a week, you will spot that your time is saved. Sometimes it is so difficult to decide what to cook. So stop it and make a plan.

Prepare all your week ingredients in advance. Once you have prepared the meal plan – think about ingredients. And make double amount of vegetables, meat or groats. If something will go wrong during your cooking, you have the “first safety seatbelt”.

If you are tired to cook the same meals night after night – you need inspiration. And the best solution is to go out. Take your friends or family and try a new restaurant somewhere in the city. You will increase your opportunities and dinner ideas.

Frozen pizza is not always as yummy as you want. Instead of reheating it, try to use basics – frozen or pre-cooked vegetables, eggs, grains, sausages and tortillas. Still simple and healthy!

Make your “15-Minutes Meals” plan. Use this way in case if you are totally busy or if you need a rest at night. Don’t forget to make it healthy.

Make your “everything in the oven” plan. Sure not all ingredients can be cooked together in the oven. But you can create your favorite combinations like roasted potatoes and turkey.

A lot of products like eggs are your “second safety seatbelt”. You can prepare them for breakfast, lunch and dinner with different combinations. Easy, fast, inexpensive and great source of protein.

Cut food into smaller pieces and prepare in advance. That’s your “third safety seatbelt” in case if you are busy to cut the ingredients.

Hope our tips are useful. Have a nice cooking!

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