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Comfort in details. Accessories for kitchen

Thinking over the kitchen, there is a temptation to save money in what's inside, install traditional cabinets with usual shelves and refuse from modern mechanisms of opening-closing doors, drawers, storage, kitchen utensils, dishes, food, mini-technique. Of course, useful kitchen accessories increase the total cost of the headset, but without them there is a risk to make the kitchen quickly a storehouse of all kinds of things, which does not add to the house comfort and cleanliness, and to the cooking process - comfort and speed.

Comfort of the kitchen is largely dependent on the "little things". According to this things there are some simple tips:

- If you often use an oven, it is best to install it at eye level;

- Between the countertop and upper cabinets the bracket is mounted, so-called roof rails, on which items always needed at hand are fixed - drying cabinets, racks, pot holders, buckets, cups, cutlery;

- Set the low-voltage lamps over the counter top. The working surface will be well lit, energy will be well saved (compared to introducing main light);

- Over the counter top it is necessary to foresee, think about the right amount of moisture barrier outlets (depending on how many household appliances are running on electricity);

- It is necessary to set in the kitchen at least one shelf with cooking books, it is always better to have recipes on hand than to search the bookcase in the other room.

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