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Creating a kitchen for life: longevity, function, efficiency and personalization

If you’re like many homeowners and look for better deal for making your kitchen completely transforming its appearance follow our useful tips for kitchen cabinet remodel. Believe us – this transformation will take right place in your life.

Planning is most important part of kitchen remodeling. Your new cabinets should reflect your lifestyle – modern or traditional, classic or contemporary. One decision about a style and your room will have a look for years. And sure it is complicated process. So how to start? Let’s walk through the styles and main principles of decision making.

Kitchen is one of the most difficult projects with tons of parts and elements. It consist of cabinets, drawers, appliances, backsplash, surfaces, tables and additional places for storage, oven drawers or wine coolers. And before you start you should consider how much units and extras you need.

So, first step is accounting the units.

Over time, the kitchen became a room not only for cooking but also multi-function area. This room is the heart of the house and works for your family’s lifestyle. So we think that important principles are:

- Longevity
- Function

Longevity depends on quality. Best material is wood of course. It is natural and safe. Function depends on style and type of the cabinet. Efficiency depends on your estimates. So if you need estimates for kitchen cabinets call our specialists and we well give you all needed support.

And the last one is personalization. Think about the colors and design. Even if your configurations are difficult and you think that it is not real to find design that suits your tastes. Just choose the color – say it “white” and we offer you Cream White Kitchen or White Shaker, say it “brown” and we offer Wine Maple or Cherry Maple Kitchen.

And the last words. Average price for kitchen cabinets in New-York is $4500. It contains all storage expenses and salaries. We can offer you same cabinets at price $2200. Online stock is the reason of your economy.  



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