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Easy and inexpensive ways to decorate Christmas cookies and cakes

There are millions of ways how to decorate cookies, muffins and Christmas cakes. But today we want to explore the easiest ways with the simplest instruments for those who have not enough time for preparation. Once you know what kind of cookies you will have at the Christmas table, think how to make the decoration fun. Your guests will definitely say “Ooooh!”


Sure this chocolate candies are yummy without any cupcakes but it is absolutely bombing with delicate combination! You can use it in large quantity for cakes decoration if you want extremely bright effect or ... just a couple of candies will make your small cookies smashing. Too smashing to eat.

Latest fruits.

If it is possible to get latest fruits at the winter season don’t miss opportunity to use it. If your cake or cookies are white creamed – put the pieces of strawberries, cherries, currants or other fruits for decoration. It will be also great if you will you use it for cocktails and drinks decoration.

Cookies for cookies.

It is so adorable and easy. Parts of salt cookies are parts of yummy baked bears. It is good with chocolate or other cream for bonding.

Paint it!

There are thousands of ways how to paint the cookies and the same quantity of instruments for this. But our blog is about easiest ones for those food lovers who have limited time. We offer you to use one simple thing – the toppings. Shop it in the nearest store and use for decorations in your personal style.

Make it personal.

If you want to excite your family or friends with fun decoration this idea was born for you. Try to name your candies according to the names of your guests and just imagine the effects.

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