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Future is already here. Smart technologies of kitchen appliances

Complicated "smart" home appliances today are not surprise, but the technique which understands and prevents errors in seconds is in the spotlight. Some oven models have intuitive touch screens and displays, and other ones have clear visual language which is easy to understand for each user.

Perfect Air (hood), Perfect Cook (stove), Perfect Bake (oven) and the Perfect Dry (dishwasher) are made to optimize the process of cooking. Some imported sensors, for example, control level of water to avoid overflow, and control food in the pan to avoid sticking. Hood with sensor which controls air quality automatically selects the mode depending on the amount of steam during cooking.

Want music from the hood and kitchen cabinet?

Hood “Black Wing Music” from “Miele” not only draws steam and odors, but also fills tunes via Bluetooth and two built-in speakers and amplifier. Other company “Nolte” explored another way to play music in the kitchen by using invisible Bluetooth-speakers built-in kitchen cabinets.

Virtual touch screens on the working surface?

Sometimes a cookbook takes up space on the worktop. The solution for this purpose is already made.

Technology Xperia Projector combines functions of tablet and projector; visualizes the required information directly on the work surface, wall or dining table. You can search for anything on the Internet, work on documents and manage other "smart home" system devices. This system is the future that has not yet arrived on the market, but will be available later this year.

Smart refrigerator

Talking to a refrigerator is as minimum strange. But not today. The company Liebherr has provided the fridges and freezers with "smart" device that displays the image on the surface of products available in refrigerator and products you need to buy. Such information will be provided by the built-in camera with object recognition feature and voice module.

Home Connect Technology

If you are not interested in just one "smart" technology and want more, you can combine all devices in the Home Connect network. For example, the Bosch or Siemens offer such function. Do you remember the last time when you were standing at the shop trying to remember if there are more vegetables at home? The smartphone APP will tell you: "smart" refrigerator will make the photo of the food inside. And when you think how long it takes more to cook in the oven, Home Connect system will help you to adjust the cooking temperature while you are in the another room. Yes. Future is already here.

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