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Hot red elements for gorgeous kitchen

Red kitchen? When someone thinks that red is too aggressive, other one would make positive decision to combine it with white or black. So why not? Let’s explore the world of amazing red accessories for kitchen with sense of energy.

Red is a passion and action. It motivates and makes special feel to go on and on. If you are shy it will give you confidence. Red color has secret power to awake all physical force and expresses love and emotions. Having Red at the kitchen means extra energy for cooking. But be careful with negative action of the color.

Best solution to bring red light at the kitchen is to add portable or removable elements like dishes, pots, chair pads, rugs and curtains in case if you change your mood or style.

And the worse idea is to paint all elements at the kitchen including cabinets, floor and walls. Too much Red will cause you to become stressful, angry and irritated.

In some cultures red is a color of luck. You are lucky if you live with red ceilings as it reflects your personality very well.

Red floor is also gorgeous but only in correct combination. Remember the rule of color match. Don’t create combinations that will make you nervous.

Red chairs for example are the perfect idea. On the one hand, such chair attracts the attention of your guests; on the other hand, you can replace them to another room easily and quickly.

As negative addition Red can make you tired. It is aggressive, quick-tempered, ruthless, violent, fearful and strong, confident, stimulating at the same time. Try to combine it with neutral tones like white and you will get the best result.

Some high-tech stores offer red kitchen appliances like fridge and oven.  It looks amazing if whole design is considered and finished well.

By the way, Red stimulates the appetite so be careful with painting the walls at the kitchen. It increases craving for food and used very often in restaurants decoration.





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