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Possibilities and inconveniences of different kitchen islands

There are 6 popular kitchen islands which will catch the eye of your guests. Not a secret that every homeowner likes additional space for preps and seating. And kitchen islands are the best way to make it real. But which style is perfect? 


Big kitchens with L-shaped islands are good for homeowners with big family for group preps and bar-seating. It contains a lot of storage spaces but as cons it takes a lot of the whole room space. The concept of L-shaped is not open and sometimes crops your kitchen.


Big and functional U-shaped islands will help to make a dream food for fans of cooking. There are a lot of workspace and storages. You can cook alone or with your family without inconveniences in closeness, you can sit, eat, drink and discuss latest news with your friends. You got “like professional” place for cooking and can feel yourself as a chief. But.. it definitely closes off your kitchen from the rest of your home. And as cons again you will hate it when you cook alone because the distance of the beginning and the end of the island is too big.


Galley will be efficiently combined with kitchen cabinets and good for storage and preps. As pros it a) has also bar-styled design that will make your party and b) good for preps because all items are accessible. If you like to cook alone this shape was born for you, but you may have troubles if there are more than one chief at your kitchen. Of course not so much troubles as our next type of kitchen islands.


Move this island right, move it left or bring it to another room. Do anything with this rolling island. Convenient? Yes! Space is saved? Yes! Perfect decision for small houses and kitchens and as props practically in use. But … No storage place and sometimes hard in exploitation. Experienced chief will not appreciate this way of cooking.


Some cabinetry is made with islands. Such way will save your money as you don’t need to spend more for additional piece of furniture. A godsend for traditional and stylish houses and awaited present for elegant homeowners. Pros: economy, one design, enough storage space, sitting places and convenience during cooking. Furniture-styled islands will not crop your kitchen and will finish the look. We used this style in our Las Vegas Kitchen.


Last in the list but not  last on top. Circular islands are creative and modern and will definitely catch the eye. Pros: large workspace, bar-styled design and a lot of storage spaces. Cons: hard access to storage in some designs (on the back side, for instance) and slight inconvenience in reaching the meal during preps.

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