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Stress-free plan how to bake for holiday season

Jingle bells… Jingle bells... It left a few days before the lovely holiday of big part of Americans. Christmas holiday season means it’s time to prepare to make great baking products. These times are started from the clean and well-organized kitchen, and let us give you a few tips how to make it fun and stress-free.

Perfect holidays have often a perfect how-to plan.

If your plans are baking – make your to-bake list. Start from:  take a good position, drink coffee or eat something yummy and think about all delicious things you want to make. This is your first list. Then think about all your opportunities and consider realities like time, money, cooking skills and make the second to-bake plan. If your time is limited, think how to organize everything in advance.

Once you have a plan and a stock with different ingredients, start the process from cleaning the kitchen.

Yes, the projects are perfect and easy performed when made in clean space. Sort out all pantries and shelves, pull everything waste out. Leave in place the products and spices with only good expiration date.

Then have a look on your kitchen utensils and consider what size and type of, for example, pans you need. If you need something special for baking, purchase and prepare it in advance.

Important thing – get all appliances and utensils together before baking. Not excluded that you will remember that you need an extra pan for muffin or a mixer which is hidden in the cupboard. All tools and ingredients you need should be in one easy-to-access place.

If you plan to make a food gifts with cookies and once you know you’ll be baking, consider about the packaging.

There are a lot of interesting ideas and methods like a glassine bags, paper boxes, mason jars, a variety of tags and labels and baker’s twine. All this concepts of packaging can make your gifts unforgettable.

Call helpers. Good way to make your kids busy is to help them feel themselves as real bakers.

This activity will be interesting for them and useful for you. Of course if your kids have good discipline for that. Small tables and chairs are the perfect work place for little bakers to help you with the project.

Well done, now you can taste. Think about this step as a rule. If you plan to make a food gifts or just a homemade special event – taste it and then present.

Have a good time!

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