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Types of kitchens for design project

Kitchen designers will always help to make thoughtful design project of the kitchen, but you still should have some knowledge of the classical rules of the organization and construction of kitchen interiors.

How many kitchen types do you know? There are linear, angular kitchens, U-shaped, two-row and island kitchens.

"Linear kitchen" - the easiest plan for the kitchen furniture. Kitchen furniture with shelves and cupboards are built along one wall. Washing machine and refrigerator - usually at the end of the working surface, and the stove is in the middle. Such plan is suitable for almost any kitchen, but especially for a small kitchen, for plan of the kitchen-living room and for the kitchen in the studio apartment.

Corner kitchen – the plan of the L-shape (L-shaped) – is especially good for "square" kitchens. Sinks are usually withdrawn in the corner - at the intersection of the long and short segments of kitchen stamp and stove - in the middle of a long. But there are other options - cleaning at the end of a short top.

Other type of kitchen planning - two-row, U-shaped "island" - suitable for a spacious kitchen area not less than 15-20 "squares" and the cost is usually more expensive than the linear and angular kitchen (because of the simple reason of more material consumption in the manufacture of kitchen furniture).

Two-row kitchen. Furniture is located along two opposite walls. Moreover, on the one side - a stove and sink, wall units, and on the other one - mostly just cabinets for storing utensils and other items.

Island kitchen. The island kitchen furniture - the classic version. "Islands" and "Peninsula" has long been popular in Europe, where kitchens do not have such a limited space. The feature of the island kitchen - a cutting table with a sink and (or) the stove is placed in the center of the room. The rest of the furniture for the kitchen as usual is located along the walls. In the apartment the creation of "islands" involves some inconvenience - and more space is necessary, and the network is necessary to bring to the kitchen island - water, gas, electricity. Therefore, the installation of the island kitchen requires thinking once more at the stage of repairs.

Finally, we note that the kitchen layout may differ from the classic, if they are designed by famous designers. Design kitchen can have unusual and avant-garde forms and layouts.

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