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The first and special kitchen cabinets’ researches were conducted in Germany more than 100 years ago:
- was measured the way done by the hostess during cooking
- and the time taken for the purpose of the solution of a problem.

Main question was — how to place furniture and equipment in the kitchen so that to spend a minimum time during  preparation of dishes. Three main areas were determined as a result: the place for preparation, place for cooking and washing. Accordingly, three centers of activity were determined: a cutting table, a sink and a stove which were named “kitchen triangle”.

And now kitchen scheme is based on the experience of people who plan the space. And many architects and designers do not always use the triangle rule, preferring other geometric figures, or starting from the personal requests of the customer.

If 100 years ago a sink, a stove and a cutting table were the tops of ergonomic kitchen triangle, now the cutting table is often in one plane between the sink and stove, and the place of the third top is taken by the refrigerator. Some people constantly use its content in cooking time: pulled out products from the refrigerator, washed up them, cut on a board and — on fire. Everything is logical in this order.

Perfect option is to do the G-shaped sequence in the kitchen: refrigerator, sink and cooking surface. Or an island sometimes. The most important in this concept is to maximize length of a working surface between a sink and a stove.

Besides a convenient location in a working triangle (pulled-washed, cooked, cleaned) it is also necessary to consider the maximum distances from one zone to another — no more than two steps. And amazing design is not so enjoyable when it gives you some inconvenience. Especially it concerns the kitchen – because the most active area of the house is located there, and it should be the most convenient and comfortable.

The most important condition is the convenience to user. If the user is ready to pass two steps instead of one, but symmetry of modules is more important for him, then it is worth making as it will be more convenient to him.

The kitchen concept depends on the class of the house.  Triangle, probably, is good for kitchens of economy class. But in the houses of middle and high classes kitchen is located on large areas, often has two islands, and options with continuous facades which sometimes aren't similar to kitchens at all. Besides, there are at least two kitchens in such houses: one for a show, and the second — work.

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