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Why we say yes to integrated kitchen appliances

Integrated kitchen appliances are the most important attribute of modern kitchen. Built-in equipment - it is, above all, cooktops (gas and electric), and ovens (instead of the traditional stove). Leading manufacturers offer built-in refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, food processors, coffee makers, steamers, etc.

What are the main advantages of built-in appliances?

- Built-in appliances are compact and take up less space (only the control panel organically integrated into the kitchen is visible) and if you want you can hide them behind the door.

- "Insertion" allows more flexibility to the kitchen model; you can set the bar, where it is convenient to you. For example, the oven is at the level that is comfortable for you. And, the more varied choice in this case would be - the size, configuration, color and design technology - the perfect your kitchen can be in result.

- Built-in appliances have more aesthetically pleasing look in the interior, it does not involve uncomfortable gap between it and the kitchen furniture, fits in any style, not only in the modern kitchen.

Modern built-in oven can perform from 7 to 12 utility functions in any style. Among the key - several kinds of heating, grill, skewer, electronic sensor control, automatic power-off oven at full readiness of dishes.

The innovative function "fast heating" allows the oven to heat to the desired temperature within seconds. The camera of the oven is cleaned itself by pyrolysis chamber (dirty is removed by heating the chamber to a high temperature). There are combined models of ovens, which are built in accessories - microwave, oven, toaster and steamer.

So if you’re still thinking about your kitchen model and appliances we offer you to keep in mind that the perfect kitchen consists of perfectly combined and integrated appliances.

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