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Wonderful world of Christmas breakfasts

Whoa! Whoa! Finally the Christmas holidays officially started. A few days left until Happy New Year and we spent a couple of hours on search for the best breakfast ideas. Wish to say the result is incredible so let us explore the best ways for Christmas and Happy New Year breakfast decoration.

Sure everyone knows that morning cooking is not so fun when your party was on fire. So if you have not enough time for preps but want to make something special try this idea: yummy waffles with ice cream. Of course it works if you have special oven.

Magic world of pancakes.

Your kids will be happy with these crazy little pancakes. Names, hearts, snowmen, pigs and other figures will break the hearts of food lovers. So open the ceremony of morning breakfast with this magic world of pancakes.

Eat Santa?

Yes. You can eat Santa if he is made from the eggs, flour, sugar and milk. Just look at these stunning samples of Mr. Claus that we’ve found on the web. The owners of this food were extremely inspired with Christmas mood, weren’t they?

More red!

Why red? Because red is the favorite color of the Christmas. So add some brightness and enjoy!

Yummy eggs.

This idea is good for all times. Put an egg inside the pancake or tartlet, make special decoration and… present it to your family or friends! They will definitely appreciate.

Finger food.

Food is perfect when it is healthy. And the best products are vegetables. The idea with decorated and formed vegetables is so stunning that we want to try it right now.

Wanna fruits?

To continue the idea of finger food we wish to explore the ways with fruits decorated for Christmas. There are million roads for perfect breakfast but this one is so fantastic. Strawberries and cream, bananas, grapes and other fruits decorated in this way are adorable without any doubt.

Christmas and New Year are such holidays when everyone is encouraged to eat, drink and become excited. So don’t be afraid to make some experiments and save this idea to cook special food every morning. Have a nice holidays!

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